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(107) Materials Testing Machine 500 N, zwickiLine

determining the break-loose force and glide force for hypodermic syringes, carpules and other similar drug delivery systems

Main features:

  • Z0.5 TN materials testing machine, Fmax 500N
  • Test speed: 0.0005 ... 2000 mm / min
  • Universal device for determining syringe glide force

Advantages and Benefits:

  • The adjustable sample receiving all common sample geometries can be used.
  • Fast sample change possible.
  • Stamp allows alignment of the syringe plunger
  • The device has openings for visual inspection of the glide path to optional scale offers the possibility of direct access to testXpert II
  • Comfortable and secure test sequence
  • Specialized test program of testXpert II available




Zwick France
Tel.  +33 387 502 113


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