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(108) 2.5 kN Materials Testing Machine with Torsion Drive

function/torsion tests on insulin pens

Key features:

  • Zwicki Z2.5 testing machine (Fmax 2.5 kN) with 5 Nm torsion drive
  • two test axes for independent or combined axial/torsion tests
  • flange mounting system with alignment unit for improved true-running characteristics
  • universal holder for insulin pens

Advantages and benefits:

  • available in various force (up to 5 kN) and torque (up to 10 Nm) ranges
  • flexible software for straightforward programming of expanded test programs
  • easy test-data access and result analysis
  • optional software extension in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • extensive IQ/OQ experience with a wide range of customers




Zwick France
Tel.  +33 387 502 113


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