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(155) Materials Testing Machine 1 kN, zwickiLine


  • Tensile test according to ISO 37
  • Tear growth test according to ISO 34

Key features:

  • Z1.0 TS, materials testing machine, Fmax 1 kN
  • Test speed: 0,0005…2000 mm/min
  • Pneumatic grips
  • Zwicki longstroke extensometer

Advantages and benefits:

  • The single actuator pneumatic grips can be used for both symmetrical and asymmetrical gripping of specimen (e.g. for shear tensile tests).
  • The resolution is high over the entire measurement range.
  • They have a very large measurement travel (minus L0).
  • The drag forces are extremely low.
  • It is robustly built and has a measurement system that is insensitive to impact loading.
  • The measurement carriage’s low friction bearing minimizes transmission errors.


Zwick France
Tel.  +33 387 502 113


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