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(162) Materials Testing Machine 10 kN, AllroundLine

Determination of Interlaminar force test according to ASTM D2344 M, BS EN 2563, EN ISO 14130, EN 2377

Key features:

  • Z010 TN materials testing machine, AllroundLine, Fmax 10 kN
  • Testing speed: 0,0005 … 2000 mm/min
  • ILSS test device
  • Temperature chamber +20…+250°C

Advantages and benefits:

  • Integrated spindle and guide protection guarantees reliable operation for tests in industrial applications or to splintering materials, such as fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Eurotherm controller with RS-232 interface, manually controllable setpoint function, digital display for actual and target value


Zwick France
Tel.  +33 387 502 113


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