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(176) zwickiLine 500 N Materials Testing Machine

Investigation of the mixing behavior of two connected syringes, expulsion force for the mixed substance, injection forces when injecting the substance into flesh

Main Features:

  • Z0.5 TN materials testing machine, Fmax. 500N
  • test speed: 0.0005 to 2000 mm / min
  • additional equipment for operation of the testing machine in a horizontal position
  • test tools and fixtures used for mixing process, breakaway and glide force
  • retaining fixture for suitable tissue material for injection test
  • safety device
  • testXpert II ‚Expanded Traceability’ option in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Advantages and Benefits:

  • simulation of mixing behavior via speed variations possible
  • breakaway and glide force tests on empty/filled syringes, with liquid released into muscle-like environment
  • analysis of a complete injection system by varying the syringes / needle geometries, viscosity and test parameters (force, speed)


Zwick France
Tel.  +33 387 502 113


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