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Draw-Bead Test

Draw-Bead Test

This test has the aim of determining the coefficient of friction between steel sheet and a deep drawing tool in order to determine the ideal lubricant for this forming process, thereby enabling cracks and creases to be avoided and ensuring an optimum deep drawing process. The draw bead kit is easily installed in a standard testing machine. 

For the test a strip of steel sheet (typical dimensions 300 mm x 30 mm x 2 mm) is axially clamped in the upper standard specimen grips and the draw bead tool closed. Next the strip is drawn through the draw bead tool. This procedure can be repeated automatically, the number of repeats being variable. Reliable and reproducible measured values are guaranteed by the digitally regulated gripping force of the draw bead tool. The dies of the tool can be exchanged quickly to cover various test specifications. 

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