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Peel Test on Tedlar® film

Peel Test on Tedlar® Film

Plastic EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or cast resin films are laminated on both sides to form waterproof corrosion protection, while a Tedlar® film or a glass sheet on the rear provides additional protection for the module. The strength of the bonds is tested by means of a 90° peel test, in which the Tedlar® film is clamped in screw grips and pulled off the glass sheet. A single-column testing machine is suitable for this test as it allows glass sheets of various sizes to be tested without difficulty. This test is carried out during production to check that machine parameters are set correctly. It is also used in goods inwards checks and during re-qualifying tests after expiry of the use-by date. To meet the standards, the Tedlar® film must withstand peel forces up to 250 N.

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