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Tensile Test

In tests to EN ISO 13934-1, 50mm-wide strip specimens (automotive airbag fabric in the application shown) are tested both in a standard atmosphere and in a wet condition, once in the warp and once in the weft direction. Pneumatic grips are preferred here due to the surface properties of the fabric used. This Standard requires determination of maximum force and (measured via crosshead travel) elongation at maximum force. The test method described here applies mainly to woven textiles; it can be used for other fabrics, but is usually not applicable to elastic web goods, geotextiles, non-wovens, coated fabrics, glass-fiber fabrics and textile fabrics made of carbon fibers or polyolefin-fiber yarns. Specimen removal takes place either as stipulated in the material specification for the textile fabric or as agreed between the interested parties. The test samples must have no creases, folds, selvedge or areas which are not representative of the fabric.


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